What Students are Saying About Senior Thesis

What Students are Saying about Senior Thesis

The following are answers given by past students to two questions:

What do you value most about having completed thesis?

Completing thesis gave me a great sense of competence and made me realize that even the most daunting of tasks can be completed with hard work and determination. I greatly value to presentation skills I developed from doing thesis and after doing a 50 minute presentation, feel like presentations are a piece of cake now.

I value a lot of things after completing thesis.  I value the amount of time and effort every researcher put into their studies that I spent so much time reading.  I value my time, my intelligence and my perseverance.  Most of all I value the faith that others had in me to complete it.

It shows how much I have learned and that I am capable of managing such a large project.

At first I did not feel confident in myself and my writing abilities- especially since a thesis is such a long piece of work that is to be completed in a short period of time. However, once I completed my thesis I felt proud. I grew as a writer, speaker, and thinker.

I value the fact that I mainly worked independently. I was able to showcase my skills and was proud of the product I produced when I was done.

I feel accomplished and happy that I was able to complete my thesis, which is something that I had previously didn’t think I could do.

I value most the whole experience and how rewarding and amazing it felt at the end.

That i made it through!

I value the feeling of accomplishment and being proud of something so great that I produced all on my own.

I value the research writing experience. I am going into a graduate program where I am sure the subjective writing method will be helpful and 100% useful. My writing style before was not as scientific. Honestly, I wish I had been taught to be more concise earlier on in my career. Until thesis, I had never been taught to write scientifically. My grades were always very high but looking back I’m not sure if I was writing correctly through the rest of my courses.

That it is entirely my own. I did the work, put in time and chose a topic of my liking.

It is something that I can refer back to. It is a piece of physical evidence of my hard work.

I truly value more of what I have learned about myself. There were times during the middle of thesis when I was miserable because I was spending so much time on it especially during spring break and thinking that I still had so much work ahead of me. But by the end of thesis I was really proud of myself that I was able to motivate myself and get myself through those ten weeks. I learned a lot about my own perseverance and self-motivation. It took a lot of self-control not to just forget about it some nights and go out, instead I had to force myself to go to the library. I value the lesson I taught myself about hard work and self-motivation. Of course I also value everything that I have learned about writing a thesis and all of the knowledge I have gained.

I feel like it was the work that represented me as student for my entire time at Quinnipiac. I was extremely proud of it, and I also felt that I was ready for graduate school after completing it.

I’m very proud of the work I did, and I also learned how to manage my time better and develop better organizational skills.  I am also happy that the work I did was current and relevant.

Thesis helped me feel like my major was complete. It was a way to apply everything that I have learned over the past four years and learn something about an area of psychology that I had not known before. It was tough but definitely worth it.

Having learned all of that new information on your own topic of interest, as well as being more knowledgeable in other areas that classmates researched. It is also a great feeling to have accomplished such a great deal of work.

All of the knowledge I actually gained from doing so much research, and the ability of being able to teach it to my classmates through my oral presentation.

What advice would you offer to a prospective thesis student?

I would advise the students to really make sure that you pick something you are passionate about. I think that is what helped me most to get through all the work. There is so much research involved in the process and if you enjoy what you are reading, it makes the task much more pleasant. I would also advise that in the outlining stage of the process, you make a very detailed and extensive outline. Accidentally, I ended up making my outline 12 pages single spaced when the requirement was 12 pages double spaced but this actually worked in my favor in the long run. I had everything laid out for each chapter and it made getting to 50 pages much easier having that much detail in my outline. Finally, I would tell you that the process of writing actually goes by much faster than I thought it would and you will have the biggest sense of accomplishment at the end that will make all the blood, sweat and tears put into the thesis totally worth it.

I would advise that they start collecting data and organizing articles as soon as possible.  I advise making notes specific yet concise.  And definitely to plan on leaving two weeks for editing incase anything happens that they have to use one of those weeks for writing.

To manage their time and do a little bit each day in order to space it out

Not to worry! A thesis may seem intimidating but everyone gets through it.
Just make sure your topic is one that definitely interests you 🙂

I would tell a prospective thesis student NOT to procrastinate. I approached thesis by always being ahead of the deadlines (ie – I found 20 sources when only 10 were required). By taking a proactive approach to thesis you’ll ensure that you’re not overwhelmed. Another tip would be to work on a little of your thesis every day. Slow progress allows you to reflect and produce the best work possible. Best of luck!

I would tell a prospective thesis student to make sure that they stay on top of their work and make sure they work on their thesis a little each day.

To take a breather and realize that you will get through this.  Also, that it will be the most rewarding and amazing piece of work you will write in your college career.

Work a little every day!! Stay calm!

Start early!!! Get all your sources before you start writing so you know what you have to work with. Use mendeley PDF program it’s free and easy to use. You are able to make notes and highlight within the program. Good luck!

I would first advise them to realize how quickly a semester goes, and remember that that is how soon they will be finished. Also, staying on task with organization and deadlines, and using every minute of their spare time to get ahead is worth it in the end. I can honestly say that as daunting as certain tasks seemed before I began them (25 page half draft after spring break), once I got started and realized how organized I was already I did not have any last minute all-nighters or cramming readings that I thought I would have.

I would also suggest choosing a topic that you find interesting but do not know that much about. My human services site was at YNHH working with pediatric cancer patients. Until Thanksgiving I had expected to do my thesis on something in that area because I planned on using sources from my annotated bibliography. Instead, I chose to research creativity because I was interested in the topic. I think I learned a lot more because I had to start at the very beginning, and this made the organization process easier and the flow of my paper come together in a logical way.

It is good to be overwhelmed about taking this class. I sure as heck was, but it made me realize that being overwhelmed was a great motivation for me. I wanted to make sure I went that extra mile and created something I could show to others.

Time management. Don’t fall behind and take it one step at a time!

To a prospective thesis student I would tell them that this thesis will be the hardest thing you have ever done in your college career. It will take more time than you ever imagined but if you put in the effort and do the best you can it will all work out. I would tell them to NEVER wait until the last minute to do anything. To put a lot of time into the lit reviews and taking down excellent notes. I think that really needs to be stressed, that the better job you do taking notes on the articles the easier it will be. Also, I would tell them that they need to have really good time management skills and know that if they don’t they need to schedule out designated hours every week or even time every day to work on it. I would also tell them that taking time for yourself is important and to make sure they get out once and a while. Also, if they are struggling or need help not to wait and to talk to their professor immediately so they don’t get behind. I would tell them not to take notes on anything or try to put it in your own words if you truly don’t understand it. That before writing anything down if you are questioning your understanding to talk it out and if you cannot verbally make sense of it you probably don’t understand it. I would tell them to save everything in at least 2 different places and to ABSOLUTLY take advantage and use their filespace! That is a lifesaver. I would also tell them to pick a thesis topic that they find interesting and is new to them. Lastly, I would tell them on the very first day that if they have plans for spring break to understand that they need to have everything done before that week and that is going to take a lot of time and be very stressful so just remember that.

Stay on top of deadlines! Take pride in your work and it will become that much better.

Develop a way to organize/label articles early on!  Have separate folders for different topics, etc.  Use the thumbdrive, but I also used a Dropbox account to store my working drafts.  This was good for two reasons:  I could work on my thesis from anywhere, and I didn’t have to worry about it getting deleted or my computer having issues and losing my work.

The greatest advice I would give is to not procrastinate. As someone who procrastinates often, I made it a priority to make sure I worked on my paper every week. I think it really helped to set aside specific hours every week that I would always use to either do research for my topic or actual writing for my paper. It made it a lot less overwhelming and it was good to have a set schedule in place.

I would suggest they go in with an open mind and that instead of looking at the whole of the thesis that has to be completed, to think of it as small seperate assignments or parts that eventually come together as  whole. Tryig to tackle it in smaller parts is less stressful than thinking of the whole thesis due.

Stay on track. Organize all of you information and due dates.  Don’t wait until the last minute to complete assignments that are due. Try to stay as calm as possible. Know that the course is extremely challenging and demanding but anyone can get through it.